Soma Support Project


Support to Soma Project

Right after the mining disaster on May 13th, 2014 which cost the lives of 301 miners, ÇYDD Headquarter started a relief campaign. Campaign was supported by 1207 individual and corporate donors and more than one million TL was collected. With part of the donations, an education center for educational and rehabilitation activities for children and their mothers, was opened. About 150 children and their mothers benefited from the center during 2014 summer. With the rest of the donations, we have chosen 186 students from mining families and will provide them scholarships for at least 4 years.

Summer activities were concluded with a play and music performed by the children and a big concert in the city center. The building where activities took place in summer was purchased and the Soma ÇYDD branch was founded.

ÇYDD Soma branch volunteers and ÇYDD headquarters now give educational support to students with scholarships throughout the year.