Prof. Dr. Ayşe Yüksel (Chairperson)

Prof. Dr. Ayşe Yüksel - Chairperson of CYDD

She graduated from Istanbul University’s Florance Nightingale Nursing College in 1979. Between “1980-2001” she worked with Prof. Dr. Türkan SAYLAN at the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine’s Leprocy Research and Application Center. Between “1983-1991” she completed her masters and PhD degrees in Public Health at Istanbul University’s Health Sciences Institute. In 1995 she became an Associate Professor, and in 2001 she became a Full Professor in this field.

Between “2001-2016”, she served at Van Hundredth Year University as head of Department at the Faculty of Public Health, and between “2003-2007” as the Dean’s Assistant.

She participated to international seminars and symposiums and supervised numerous masters and PhD theses.

She retired in 2016 and continued to work at Istanbul Arel Universtiy between “2016-2019”.

In 1995 she became a member of ÇYDD at the Bakırköy Branch.  She worked on the establishment of a Health Commission at the branch and took part in health screening at schools.

In 1998 she accepted the responsibility of becoming a starting member of the ÇYDD Küçükçekmece Branch. Between “1999-2001” she was the president of the same branch.

In 1996, she started the ÇYDD Headquarters Rural Unit and worked in the unit until 2001. She became the coordinator of numerous projects, including “Our İdil Project”, “Contemporary Girls of Contemporary Turkey”, “Cooperation of Local Authorities and Civil Society Symposium-Mülki İdare Amirleri ile Sivil Toplum Örgütlerinin İşbirliği Sempozyumu”.

Since 2001 she has been a member of the Van Branch.  Between “2003-2009” she was a member of its Branch Executive Committee. At the Branch she supervised various university, youth, public health and rural projects.

Between “2009-2015” and “2017-2019” she worked as a member of the ÇYDD Headquarters Executive Committee.