Nilgün Polat Gevrek (Board Treasurer)

She was born in Sarıkamış in 1957.  In 1985, she graduated from Ankara University’s Management Department of the Faculty of Political Sciences.  That year she started working at the Directorate General of OYAK (Army Pensions Association).

From 1985 on she worked as President of OYAK Accounting and Financing, Vice-President of OYAK Portfolio Management, Vice-President of OYAK Movable Assets, and Vice-President of OYAK until her retirement.  During her years at OYAK, she also worked on the Audit Committees of OYAKBANK, OYAK Construction, and OYTUR (OYAK Tourism Services).  She was also a member of the Executive Committees of OYAK Portfolio Management Inc. and Atlas Movable Assets Investment Company.

In 2000 Nilgün Polat Gevrek became a member of the ÇYDD Tuzla Branch.  After the closing of the Tuzla Branch, she became a member of the Beşiktaş Branch in 2009.  Between “2005-2007” she was the Secretary General of the Foundation of the School of Political Science Graduates in Istanbul.  In 2007 she was invited by Türkan SAYLAN to join the Executive Committee of the Türkiye Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Vakfı (TÇYDV- Supporting Contemporary Life Foundation of Turkey). She served as treasurer and secretary of the Foundation. Presently, she is the Secretary General of said Foundation.