Secular and Scientific Education Platform Booklet

“We will insist on modern-secular-scientific education up to the end”

 Spokesman for the platform ÇYDD President Prof. Dr. Aysel Çelikel, started her opening speech by showing reaction to the  Public Services Commission’s (KHK)  unlawful discharge of academicians and civil servants .  Çelikel said “We want justice. What is done to these people is an unbelievable injustice. A faculty member can never be a terrorist. They only fight for freedom. They dedicate themselves to education, art and freedoms. We wish for immediate justice and have them returned to their duties.”

Çelikel continued “We have come together because we believe secular and scientific education is common ground against the despair brought by unqualified and inexpedient regulations and executions in all levels of education. We wanted to bring the basic problems to public attention and to the attention of the Ministry of Education, by first drawing attention to regulations and executions that are against modern education.”

The press release for the platform was read by President of the Association for Women Studies, Prof. Dr. Necla Arat .The press release pointed out that the objective of the platform was to continue to defend the basic values of the “Enlightenment of the Republic”  (which are also the indispensable universal  values) unrelentingly and fearlessly. In other words platform was to insist on the common ground of modern-secular- scientific education.

After the reading of the press bulletin, representatives of the organizations participating in the platform talked about the important problems of  education in the panel directed first by President of İstanbul Women’s Institutes Union, Attorney Nazan Moroğlu and then by ÇYDD Vice-President Gülsün Kaya.

At the end of the panel, the booklet covering the press bulletin and texts of all speeches was distributed to the participants.

Platform will continue its work in a widespread way.

The booklet can be downloaded.