University Scholarships

University Scholarships (You can Light a Candle too)


Soon after foundation of ÇYDD, scholarships were given to a group of university students studying medicine; the number of university scholarships increased and turned into a huge project named “You can Light a Candle too”. With the project which started with 500 university students in 1995, a total of 36.005 university graduates have graduated until today.


Some of the university projects sponsored by individuals and corporations are:


•          Rıdvan Çelikel Scholarships: Scholarship program started with 70 university students in 1999 and continues with 38 students every year.

•          Semih Erbek Scholarship: Semih Erbek was killed in a shooting in 1976 at his university  ODTÜ when he was 21. His family is giving scholarships to 42 students every year in his memory.

•          Hergüner Bilgen Özeke Law Office Scholarships: Scholarships are given to 62 undergraduate and postgraduate students in Law Faculties every year since 2005.

•          Prof. Dr. Bakır Alpay Çağlar Scholarship: Since 2011,Prof. Dr. Bakır Alpay Çağlar’s family gives scholarships to 5 law students every year in his memory.

•          Prof. Dr. Server Tanilli Scholarship: 10 students studying philosophy and literature in law and political science faculties receive scholarships  in name of Prof. Dr. Server Tanilli who passed away in November 2011.

•          Garanti Bankası Headquarters Scholarships: This program has started in 1998 with  150 university students and continues presently.

•          Tüyap Scholarships: This program has started in 2000 with 30 university students and continues presently.

•          HSBC Support to Youth Project: HSBC bank started to give scholarships to 500 university students in 2005 and doubled this number two years later. Presently they give about 300 scholarships every year.

•          Tekpol Scholarships: 30 students receive scholarships since 2004.

•        Turkish Neurology Association Scholarships: Scholarships are given to 20 medical students every year since 2008.

•          Tahir-Özden Yücel  Scholarships: : Scholarships are given to 55  students every year since 2010.

•          Cahide and Ahmet Akbay Scholarship: Zekai Akbay and his wife Anne give 10 university scholarships annually in honor of Zekai’s parents, Ahmet (1933-2015) and Cahide Akbay.  Ahmet Akbay was a cherished teacher who touched the lives of countless students.


Completed University Scholarships:


•        With the support of Glaxo Smith Kline, 300 medical students have graduated between 2003–2010. The company also has given personal development trainings and medical equipment to scholarship medical students. (Doctors of the Future)


•       With the support of Aroma Gıda scholarships were given to food engineering students and 50 food engineers graduated from various universities in Turkey during 2006-2010 with this project. (Food Engineers of the Future)


•     Under the sponsorship of L’oreal, 100 girls studying in various two-year higher education vocational schools got scholarships during 2009-2011.The girls were also given personal development support and personal beauty care items. (Better Future for hundreds of Girls with L’oreal)


•          Efes Pilsen has donated the income from its 35th year celebrations to ÇYDD to be used as scholarships for 50 students studying in Fine Arts Faculties during 2004-2010. Graduates from the project are now working all over Anatolia in various fields of art (Artists of the Future).

Fazıl Say’s of the Future: With the income from the Fazıl Say Concert of 2009 in benefit of CYDD, scholarships were given to 15 students studying instrumental music in state conservatories. One of the scholarship students of the project, violinist Emre Engin was awarded first prize in the competition of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra in 2014.



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