Youth Projects


Erasmus +



Cağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği – (Association for the Support of Contemporary Life) offers opportunities for young people and youth workers to experience international experiences through the Erasmus+, the European Union's grant program. These opportunities  include European Solidarity Program (ADP), Youth Exchanges, participation in international training meetings, partnership and networking with national and international institutions, and participation in seminars.


Volunteers specialised in this field,  work in our Erasmus+ Project Unit. Young people who have gained experience abroad with various projects also make contributions to the Unit. They share their experiences with volunteers who are going abroad. They also produce training videos and provide consultancy in our branches.




Following the updating of our accreditation with PIC Number 937307121 in July 2019, we received the ESC Quality Label as a Supporting (Sending and Coordinating) organization in the European Solidarity Corps and continue to support young people.


In addition to the work of the Erasmus+ Projects Unit at our Headquarters, our Izmir branch has been working as a Sending, Receiving and Coordinator organisation with PIC number 940150191 for many years.


In line with the aims of the ESC, young people can:


  • participate in voluntary activities in a European country for up to one year, and develop their foreign language skills ​​and even learn a whole new language;
  • develop intercultural communication skills;
  • increase their ability to stand on their own feet by working and living in an environment where they have never been before;
  • increase their choices in working life with the self-confidence they gain whilst volunteering in a foreign country
  • initiate and participate in volunteering and solidarity projects in their own country


When volunteers participate in a voluntary  project in a foreign country, they will benefit from:


  • visa
  • transportation
  • food
  • accommodation
  • insurance
  • foreign language education
  • mentor support
  • pocket money


With the monthly or weekly pocket money given, young people have the opportunity to travel within the country they live in and the neighbouring countries.


The Erasmus+ Project Unit advertise various volunteering and solidarity opportunities through the Youth Portal, and encourage young people to proactively look for projects suitable for them.

It is also possible to find many projects by entering the Volunteering section of the EU Youth Portal.


The steps to be taken in this regard are as follows:


  1. Young people who want to take advantage of these opportunities can contact and ask for information about the whole process;


  1. The pre-interview form, and information on Europass CV and how to write a motivation letter are sent to them;


  1. Young people who complete the necessary forms and motivation letter can request a meeting with the Erasmus+ Project Unit;


  1. More detailed information is exchanged during this meeting.


Many notifications can be found on the Salto Youth Net website such as seminars abroad, short training courses, youth exchanges, organisations looking for partners and volunteers for their projects.


Erasmus+ Project Unit support young people on the programs that they think are suitable for them.


The e-mail address for our unit is:


For more information about the ESC, please see the Turkish National Agency’s website at:\%C4\%B1/gen\%C3\%A7lik-program\%C4\%B1/avrupa-dayani\%C5\%9Fma-programi/avrupa-dayani\%C5\%9Fma-programi-nedi-r-


Hand in hand with Youth

123 university students with scholarships from CYYD were offered coaching as part of the Hand in Hand with Youth Program.
Hand in Hand program is run jointly by ICF Tukey/International Coach Federation and CYYD.
Students with scholarship from CYYD receive volunteered coaching from ICF coaches.
The trainings aim at raising students’ awareness and developing their potential that will guide them to their targets. So far 610 students with scholarship have taken part in the program that has been initiated in 2007.
Comments from Participants
¨I can honestly say that this is a great project. With little touches, our lives are transformed, and we develop great relationships, which lead to healthier and happier individuals. I hope the scope of this project grows. ¨
¨Thanks for developing such a project. I feel very fortunate to be part of such a project. My life quality has significantly improved. I really liked my coach, his attitude, how well he did his job, his professionalism have really impressed me. ¨
¨I have started to manage work in more efficient way. I have thought about what needs to leave my life and what needs to enter. I spend less time with unnecessary stuff¨
¨My goals about life and the future are much clearer now. I know what I have to do and when. I know my strengths. I also know my shadow parts and how to manage them. ¨
¨I have started to look for solutions myself instead of expecting others to come up with a solution when I encounter a problem. 
¨I have learned to convey positive thought. I have started to speak freely in front of the public, I have learned how to transcend unskillful feelings such as jealousy and arrogance. ¨
¨I had doubts about this program before I joined, although I had been briefed, I was not able to see how the training would benefit me. However, it was much much much better than I expected. My coach listened to me with patience and a smiling face, cared about me and made me feel there was someone walking alongside me. ¨ 

Mentorship Projects



With various mentorship projects completed so far, approximately 500 students were reached. These projects involved different mentor and mentii groups such as pairing  freshman students with sophomores or seniors studying in the same fields  or introducing  university students to women role models well known in their professions.


The project we have started in 2012 is sponsored by Dalyan Foundation. Project is now in its third year and growing with the collaboration of ÇYDD branches and alumni. Project is also supported by Bahçeşehir University, Oracle and Enocta.


Mentorship relation is a confidential learning relation two people build on understanding and trust. The main aim is to support the development of the mentees (the younger party) life and career skills respecting and supporting her independence.


Aim of the project

To develop self-confidence and career awareness of ÇYDD scholarship students in their 2nd, 3rd and senior years, to help them become self-managing individuals with the support of ÇYDD Alumni and volunteers; to develop awareness for volunteering in ÇYDD Alumni, to increase the ÇYDD graduates’ devotion to the association and to benefit  from their knowledge and experience.

The first year of the project was a pilot project with 20 mentors and 20 mentee from 6 İstanbul branches.

In its second year the number of participating branches in İstanbul was 14 with 54 mentors and 54 mentee.

Branches from İzmir, Bursa, İzmit and Ümitköy joined; total number of branches was 20 and a total of 256 individuals benefited in the third year.

Up till now 20 branches, 202 mentees and 202 mentors benefited from the project.

Our mentorship project will continue to spread out through the country with new sponsors and with our motto “Let’s reach all our scholars and alumni”.

If you want to join our project as alumni, volunteer or scholarship student, you can visit our project site: 


Project coordinator: Öznur Konur Şen

Tel:       :(0212) 252 44 33/141

Fax      :(0212) 293 22 76



 Learn by doing –Youth Democracy Project

“Youth Democracy Project – Learning by Doing” is a Project ÇYDD youth has realized together with Habitat Development and Governance Association (Kalkınma Yönetişim Derneği), Stuttgart (Germany) and Tartu (Estonia) youth organizations. The aim of the project supported by German National Agency is to have young people acquire knowledge and experience on democracy at an early age. To achieve this, various activities are organized to bring youth from different countries together. During these activities, youth from different countries get to know each other, learn about different countries and cultures, exchange ideas and  gain awareness on democratic participation.


Starfish Project:

Some branches of our association have been implementing the “Starfish Project” since 2003. The Project is a one- year education program on history, political science, art and culture as well as creative drama and using body language workshops. Young people attending are also instructed on creating and writing a project and finish the program by producing a project of their own.


Youth, thinking and questioning

The aim of the Project is to create an environment where youth can discuss important events in Turkey’s and  the world agenda, acquaint themselves with the subject and produce ideas. The subjects to be discussed are chosen before the meeting; youth make research on the subject and come prepared to the meeting; they exchange ideas during the meeting based on their previous researches. Approximately 750 young people have taken part in the project since 2009.


HEY, the New Campus project

The project is designed for students who are at the beginning of their university education. The object of the project is to inform students leaving their hometown about their new universities, the new town they are going to live in and about their lodging problems. The project takes place on the university registration day has reached about  2500 students since 2010.



Education Units Project:

Volunteering university students help financially disadvantaged elementary school students with their school subjects. The Project has been in action since 2009 and about 1500 students took part since then.


“Festivities in the Village” Project

The aim of the project is to bring community services of the bigger cities to small and low population villages. Informative meetings with experts in the field of health, environment, legal matters and modern production techniques are organized in the villages to increase the sensitivity of local people on the subjects. In addition, various activities are organized in the village schools with the participation of local villagers to motivate students and their families for education.





Youth Congresses:


Young people from the youth commissions of CYDD branch offices come together once a year to share with their friends projects they have worked on, the subjectsof which are chosen at least four months earlier. These subjects are usually chosen from topics on Turkey’s agenda. Topics important for young people are also included in the congress program. ÇYDD youth has so far organized 20 congresses. During the congress  youth from different branches communicate with each other and exchange ideas on presentations.

Youth camps:


The youth camps are hosted by ÇYDD branches on Turkey’s coastline since 2006. These camps aim to strengthen the communication among ÇYDD youth and to help them learn while they are having fun.


An entrepreneurship camp is hosted every year by Ankara Association to Support Women Entrepreneurs (ANGİKAD) for girls that receive scholarships from ÇYDD. Camp aims to motivate girls studying at a  university to become entrepreneurs.


With the coaching program protocol made by ICF International Coaching federation, scholarship girls receive coaching since 2008. Students get free coaching on career planning and self knowledge.


Women Entrepreneurs Association (KAGİDER) members give mentorship support to students they sponsor with scholarships since 2010. Scholarship students who take part in the “Future women Leaders” program receive certificates at the end of the program.