Contemporary Language Center

The project is based on the general language needs of university students.  When there is further need, language learning groups are formed for specific fields and exam preparedness.

We know that our students have busy university lives and at certain times they can’t find time to work on learning English.  We, therefore, prepared our programs in module form.  Students complete three-week modules and should they choose to continue they pick up another module or they can take a break from the project.

We are also working on a pilot language project for high school students.

Contemporary Language Center (Çağdaş Dil Merkezi - ÇDM) is a platform that brings together CYDD volunteers and teachers.  We are one big family with over 1000 students and 22 successful teachers and we keep growing.

How can I be a part of this family you ask?

Our volunteer ÇDM teachers are university students from Teaching English as a Second language, English Language and Literature, or other departments of universities where English is the medium of instruction.

We provide training for volunteer teachers joining ÇDM.  They are shown how to teach in a digital environment and how to communicate with the students.  Some of our teachers are CYDD scholarship students. This way, while some of our scholarship students learn a foreign language, their peers gain teaching experience.