Hand in Hand with Women Project

ÇYDD Hand in Hand with Women Project first started at the ÇYDD Bahçeşehir Branch under the
name of Awareness Project. As a result of a protocol signed between ÇYDD and (International
Coaching Federation) ICF Turkey in December 2015, the project was carried out as a pilot study at
Ferhat Şenatalar Contemporary Activity Center between February 2016 and April 2016. Since 2016,
the Hand in Hand with Women Project has been implemented 36 times in 15 provinces and 30
different regions.

To date, 43 coaches and 500+ mothers have participated in the project.

In the 2020-2021 period, the project was moved to the digital environment in accordance with the COVID-19 pandemic conditions and implemented online.

In the 2021-2022 period, the Hand in Hand with Women Project reached 141 participants in 16 ÇYDD
branches and the aim are to reach 221 participants by adding 80 more.

Hand in Hand with Women Project Target Audience:

  • Mothers of children benefiting from the education provided by the education houses that receive scholarships from ÇYDD
  • ÇYDD volunteers

The main elements in the impressive change observed in the personal development of the participants were that everyone was brought together in the same circle without discriminating against anyone and that everyone had equal say. In addition to making the participants feel equality and worthiness, this approach created the perspective we are all human beings. In essence, we have similar feelings, needs, lives, and problems. I am not alone. Participating all together, mothers and volunteers were able to get to know each other, become closer, bond, and understand each other's needs more.

Hand in Hand with Women Project Aims:

Within the scope of the project, the aim was to support women in different age groups and
education levels and help them

•Have self-confidence
• Appreciate themselves and those around them
• Beautify the language of communication
• Have awareness

• Be able to distinguish their inner critic and choose their actions
• Be able to see the strengths in themselves and those around them
• Be able to recognize the judging mentality and be aware of prejudices
• To dream and set goals for life
The ICF Turkey coaches provide training on self-expression and support women's empowerment.
The content of the Hand in Hand with Women Project was designed as 6 sessions,
each lasting 3 hours. In this context, the studies were carried out
• With 2 ICF Turkey member Professional Team Coaches and a Technical Assistant
• One day a week, on the same day and time (e.g. always on Wednesdays - from 13:00 to
• With a minimum of 15 - a maximum of 20 people groups
• With the participation of at least 2 volunteers from ÇYDD branches in each group (15=13
parents + 2 ÇYDD members, 20=17 parents + 3 ÇYDD members.)
• On the Zoom platform provided by ÇYDD.