The Mentoring Project

The ÇYDD has been implementing its Mentoring Project with university students since 2012.  We concluded our 2021-22 term this year, our10th year with the project, with the involvement of 63 ÇYDD Branches, approximately 1500 mentors and mentees, and 735 pairings. We are aiming to have 1000 mentor-mentee pairings for our 2022-23 term, our 11th year.

ÇYDD will also prepare an Impact Evaluation Analysis of the project in the new term. This will give us information on the effectiveness of the project and help us improve similar future projects.

The goals of the ÇYDD Mentoring Project:

• The project brings together ÇYDD scholarship university students and Contemporary Youth volunteers with graduates who have lived through possible difficulties themselves.  This way they all learn from each other. The graduates share their academic, work environment, and personal enhancement experiences with the scholarship students. The main goal of the project is to support our scholarship students at the start of their professional lives by introducing to them the needed information and resources, to help them get to know themselves, and enable them to have control over their career destinations.

• The project reaches out to the ÇYDD scholarship graduates to strengthen their allegiance.  It reaches out to new volunteers to encourage citizen participation.  It prepares motivational programs. Each year with the increasing number of volunteering mentors, ÇYDD aims to implement the project in all ÇYDD branches.

Until today, 2000 ÇYDD youth in total have received mentoring support.

Mentoring Supervision Get Togethers and Seminars

During the term that just concluded we digitalized the ÇYDD Mentoring Project and we started holding Mentoring Supervision Get Togethers and Seminars.  We got together with all the participants regularly every month.

We started these meetings to increase the interaction between the mentors, mentees, and branch coordinators.  We wanted to receive feedback on the straightforward and straining exercises of the project while paying strict attention to our privacy policy.

We continued our personal and career training for our mentees and our supervision activities for our mentors until June 2022.

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Our project is supported by the Dalyan Foundation.

Detailed information on the ÇYDD Mentoring Project can be reached from the file below.