General Information


In the past 30 years, we have realized tens of projects for children, young people and adults and we start new projects every year.


Some of our important projects:

-We have given scholarships to 89.650 girls in secondary and high school.  

- We have given 37.614 university scholarships

-We have furnished 769 preschool classrooms and set up 565 playgrounds.

-We have built 2 high school, 6 preschools, 32 village schools and 36 dormitories.

-We have built 1 university education center and set up 20 education and cultural centers.

- We have sent various supplies to 500 schools.

-We have sent books to 3.550 schools and organizations; set up 30 fully equipped libraries.

-With our book collecting campaigns, we have distributed 5 million books.