Secondary School / high School Scholarships

Secondary school / high school scholarships

We have started to give secondary school/high school scholarships when Siirt, Pervari District Officer asked ÇYDD in 1997 to support the girls who wanted to go to high school. The scholarship project  thus started with the scholarships  we have given to 17 girls from Pervari  and  snowballed into a great project with the support of corporate and individual donors. Various scholarship projects such as “Snowdrops” and “Daddy Send me to School” were started for corporate donors and the scholarship project supported by individual donors was named “I have a Daughter in Anatolia she will be a Teacher”

Since 1997, we have given scholarships to 89.650 girls in secondary and high school with the support of individual and corporate donors.

Of these scholarships, 40.516 were supported by individual donors with the project   “I have a Daughter in Anatolia she will be a teacher” .

Some of the projects by corporate donors are listed below:

•          Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. supported 30,215 girls since 2000 (Snowdrops- Contemporary  Girls of Contemporary Turkey)


•          Doğan Gazetecilik A.Ş. and individual donors supported 11.197 girls since 2007 (Daddy Send me to School)


•          Mercedes–Benz Türk A.Ş. has given scholarships to 4.353 girls studying in vocational high schools since 2004. (Every Girl is a Star)        


Apart from the above projects  which continue, we also have various project which have been completed.


•          Ericsson-Turkey supported between 2005–2011, 185 girls in vocational high school and 31 university students (Girls of Information Society)


•          Schnider Electric project supported 130 high school girls during 2005–2012 and 15 female university students. (Bright Girls of the Future)



•          Oriflame Cosmetics  supported 857 high school  girls in  Mardin and Şanlıurfa  (Oriflame’s Contemporary Girls)


•          Anadolu Life Insurance supported  564 girls studying in the insurance field during 2005–2013. (Girls are Guarantee of our Future)


•          Garanti Bank supported  43 high school girls in 2010 (Club Prive)


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