Secondary School / high School Scholarships

Secondary School / high School Scholarships
We have started to give secondary school/high school scholarships when Siirt, Pervari District Officer asked ÇYDD in 1997 to support the girls who wanted to go to high school. The scholarship project  thus started with the scholarships  we have given to 17 girls from Pervari  and  snowballed into a great project with the support of corporate and individual donors. Various scholarship projects such as “Snowdrops” and “Daddy Send me to School” were started for corporate donors and the scholarship project supported by individual donors was named “I have a Daughter in Anatolia she will be a Teacher”

Since 1997, a total of 104,915 primary and high school students have been given scholarships with the support of our individual and corporate donors.

Examples of scholarship projects created by corporate supporters:

Mercedes-Benz Türk is carrying out the Every Girl is a Star project together with ÇYDD (Çagdas Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği) with the aim of giving women the power they deserve in every field in society and providing women with equal opportunities in social and economic life . Every Girl is a Star project, which turns 20 in 2024, started in 2004 by supporting 200 girls in 17 provinces. Today, 1200 Star Girls, 200 of whom are university students, continue their education by receiving scholarships. At the end of the 2023 -2024 period, a total of 6670 high school students were supported within the scope of the project. With the support of Every Girl is a Star, Mercedes-Benz Türk also offers employment opportunities to girls who successfully complete their education. (Every Girl is a Star)

Turkish Educational Foundation (TEF) - Founded in 1969 in Berkeley, CA, is a US-based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial aid and educational support to needy children in Turkey. In line with this purpose, TEF has been providing scholarship support to high school female students, especially in rural areas and poor districts of big cities, within the scope of our "I Have a Daughter in Anatolia" Project for 25 years. Every year, 1000 high school female students benefit from this scholarship.

Turkish Philanthrophy Funds (TPF) is a community foundation founded in 2007 by Turkish citizens living in the USA. It has been providing support to various scholarship projects of ÇYDD since 2014. A total of 861 students benefit from TPF-Stars / TPF-TEK / Atilla Karaosmanoğlu / Aegean Family Fund / Gürsel Family / Earthquake victims and orphan scholarship funds.

Nike Turkey – started providing scholarships by supporting 265 students in 2013, and various projects continue all over Turkey to introduce and empower young women with sports. Support continues to be provided to young women's football teams, Hakkari Ski Team, and athletes with local and international success in various sports.

• With the support of Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş., 30,215 female students studying in primary education have received scholarships since 2000. Currently, support is provided to 83 high school and 28 university students. (Snowdrops – Contemporary Girls of Contemporary Turkey)

Palmiye Cosmetic Products - provides scholarship support to 200 female students affected by the February 6 Earthquake disaster.

WNS-Global – They have been supporting 100 students from the Uşak area since 2019.


Yarının Umutları Derneği (Tomorrow's Hopes Association )– continues its support, which it started in 2017, by giving scholarships to 77 university students in 47 high schools.

EEC Integrated Building Control Systems – They started their support with 60 students in 2016 and continue with 100 students.

Form Management Support and Investment Trade Inc. – The group, which started providing scholarships in 2014, continues to support 100 students.

Başoğlu Kablo Ve Profil San.Ve Tic.A.Ş.- 100 girls are being supported in 2023 with the motivation of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic

• Aegean Medicine 89 Graduates – The scholarship project, which started with the initiative of a group of doctors in 2017, provides scholarships to 82 students from 3 provinces.

• AFES/VEFA/ Switzerland – They have been supporting 50 students since 2014.

Borusan Logistics Distribution Storage Transportation. - 30 students have been supported since 2021.

Envirotek Çevre Sağlık Tic.A.Ş.-Support has been provided to high school students since 2014. 28 students continues to receive scholarships.

StarGrup Cam A.Ş- supports 20 high school and 5 university students as of 2022.

• Lark International Developments İst.İnş.Ltd.Şti. – The support they started for 60 high school and 20 university students in 2021 continues.


Examples of scholarship projects created by individual supporters:

Neylan Etiman Scholarship Fund - Since 2017, scholarship support has been provided to 150 female students in memory of Neylan Etiman.

Hüseyin Hüsnü Arsan Fund - Scholarship support has been provided to 100 female students in memory of Hüseyin Hüsnü Arsan since 2014.

Feyyaz Berker Fund - Scholarship support for 100 female students in memory of Feyyaz Berker is given since 2016.

Mehmet Emin Scholarship Fund in Memory of Ergün Öner - continues to support 55 female students since 2016.

Turgut Aykin- Support has been provided to 35 students since 2019.

Arnavutköy American College for Girls 1969 Graduates Scholarship: They support 28 students studying in technical departments of high schools.

Arif Yenal Gökyıldırım-They continue their scholarship support, which they started in 2014, with 25 students.

• Namık Özgür Soner-25 students receive scholarships with the support they started in 2018.

• Ela Tapan Karani-The support they started in 2019 continues with 25 student scholarships.


• Ayşe Burcu Kaya- supports 22 students as of 2022.

• Hakan Bilgin-21 students have been receiving scholarships since 2014.

İrem Arsebük Scholarship in Memory of Osman Rasin Arsebük - 21 students receive scholarships with the support starting in 2014.

Adnan Arda -20 students have been receiving support since 2018.

Yusuf Öncü Scholarship in Memory of Murat Başara - 20 students have been educated in memory of Murat Başara since 2018.

Özgür Öncü-20 students are supported as of 2020.

Hatice Süheyla Sinangil - Scholarships are given to 20 students every year with the support that started in 2012


Our scholarship projects completed with the contributions of corporate supporters;

Doğan Gazetecilik A.Ş. and with the support of individual donors, scholarships have been given to 11,197 female students attending primary education since 2005. (Daddy send me to school)

• With the support of Ericsson-Turkey, 185 girls' vocational high school students and 31 girls' university students completed their education between 2005 and 2011. (Information Society Girls)

• In cooperation with Schnider Elektrik, 130 female high school students and 15 female university students were supported between 2005 and 2012. (Bright Girls of the Future)

• With the support of Oriflame Kozmetik A.Ş., 857 female high school students were supported in Mardin and Şanlıurfa provinces. (Oriflame's Contemporary Girls)

Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik A.Ş. 564 female high school students studying in the insurance department were supported  between 2005 and 2013. (Our Girls are the Assurance of the Future)

• 43 female high school students completed their education in the 2010-2011 period with the scholarships provided by Garanti Bank A.Ş. (Club Prive)