About Us


 Association for Supporting Contemporary Life is a non-governmental organization, working voluntarily with its competencies and experience, aiming to protect Atatürk’s principles and revolutions, to reach contemporary society via contemporary education for contemporary people and to carry Turkey above the contemporary civilization level.

Our goal is for the contemporary society and individual

•    to respect universal children’s rights, women’s rights and human rights, and the realization, protection and development  of the democratic, secular and social state of law in a society;

•    to promote the development of individuals in the legal, political, economic, cultural, social and physical sphere, to ensure that they can benefit from all human rights and freedoms;

•    to increase community sensitivity about environmental issues and cultural heritage.

Our principles:

•    Not to create problems, but to be part of the solution. CYDD’s purpose is to contribute to the development of society by creating projects that provide concrete solutions for the country’s problems.

•    In co-operation with public and private organizations:  CYDD carries out its projects through the collaboration of professional staff, volunteers, relevant institutions and organizations.

•    Maintain a non-partisan position: CYDD works towards its goals while taking care to protect its non-partisan position.

Our mission:

To generate  solutions  and public opinion for   contemporary living  and contemporary education which respects  human rights, develops capacities for scientific thought and questioning  at the same time protecting  Atatürk principles and reforms and gains of the Republic.

Our vision:

To be a leader NGO in Turkey and to be exemplary in the World in realizing our mission.

Our values:

Commitment to Atatürk principles and reforms

Democracy culture and laicism

Supremacy of Law

Honesty, trustworthiness

Environmental consciousness

Respect for labor