Environmental Projects

Environmental activities:

The aim of our environmental activities is to draw attention to factors  that threaten our natural resources and human life, to point out to unplanned urbanization, to generate environmental policies, to help develop public opinion and to fight policies that are devised to create unearned income.


•      On World Environment Day, we organize open air activities, scientific meetings with scientists and experts in the universities and photography competitions/exhibitions on the subject of environment. The environmental photography competition first took place in 2013 and is repeated every year in honor of Oktay Ekinci. The main theme of the competition is “Crimes against the City” and it draws attention to environmental and urban issues. The subtitle of the competition in 2014 was “Requiem to Trees” and 2015 theme will be “What comes with the Crowd”.

Activities :

•          Symposium on World Water Day

•         World Environment Day/ Ortaköy Open air activity

•         Contemporary Living and Environmental Policies Panel

•        “Crimes against the City/2013”  environmental photography competition –joint project with Fotopya

•        “Crimes against the City:Requiem for Trees/2014”  environmental photography competition –joint project with Fotopya

•        “Crimes against the City:What comes with the Crowd/2015”  environmental photography competition –joint project with Fotopya

•    “ Let’s get to know İstanbul” excursions

•     “Meeting at Kaz Mountains” against gold digging with cyanide and “Panel against thermal power plants in Karabiga”

•     Panel and  protest march against Mersin/Akkuyu Nuclear Plant