Pebbles of Science Project

The Pebbles of Science (Bilimin Çakıl Taşları-BÇT) Project, which shows that science and education are indispensable for a modern future, aims to support the development of students with an all-encompassing perspective by giving them scientifically based and analytical thinking skills. 

The goal of the project first implemented in 2020 with the cooperation of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life and the Science School of Pebbles of Science, is not only to provide information to ÇYDD students in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 that are in socioeconomically vulnerable groups but also to teach them how information can be accessed and used.   

In the 2020-2021 academic year, from among the 200 participants from different regions of Turkey, 81\% percent were girls. Within the scope of the project, 211 hours of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Thinking Skills, Philosophy, Rhythm, and Drama-Play training were given by expert instructors.

Due to the epidemic conditions, tablet and internet support was provided to students participating in online training. In addition to the Pebbles of Science program, additional activities such as Opening and Closing Meetings, Motivation Training, Mathematics Support, and Book Discussion provide support to the students and strengthen the relations between ÇYDD, students, and educators.  The students who participated in the project also actively participated in the activities organized by ÇYDD Headquarters and branches.

Project Goal

The Pebbles of Science Project was continued in the 2021-2022 academic year and it was expanded by including 250 students in Semester I and 250 in Semester II, in total by including 500 students from 31 ÇYDD branches.  The students start the project in the 5th grade with which they gain a scientific perspective and thus continue their journey with ÇYDD starting from the beginning of middle school until they graduate.  To ensure the continuity of educational support projects, the students who have completed the program at the end of the 8th grade are encouraged to participate in the projects designed for high school students.

2020-2021 Academic Year

  • 200 students participated
  • 81\% were girls
  • 211 hours of training support was given


Pebbles of Science-Participating Branches in the 2021-2022 Academic Year

ÇYDD Aksaray Branch

ÇYDD Alanya Branch

ÇYDD Avcılar Branch

ÇYDD Ayvalık Branch

ÇYDD Bahçelievler Branch

ÇYDD Bahçeşehir Branch

ÇYDD Bakırköy Branch

ÇYDD Bandırma Branch

ÇYDD Beyoğlu Branch

ÇYDD Bodrum Branch

ÇYDD Bursa Branch

ÇYDD Çatalca Branch

ÇYDD Çeşme Branch

ÇYDD Gaziosmanpaşa Branch

ÇYDD Hakkari Representative Office

ÇYDD İzmir Branch

ÇYDD İzmit/Kocaeli Branch

ÇYDD Kadıköy Branch

ÇYDD Kuşadası Branch

ÇYDD Mersin Branch

ÇYDD Merter Branch

ÇYDD Ödemiş Branch

ÇYDD Şile Branch

ÇYDD Tarsus Branch

ÇYDD Trabzon Branch

ÇYDD Urla Branch

ÇYDD Ümitköy Branch

ÇYDD Ümraniye Branch

ÇYDD Üsküdar Branch

ÇYDD Van Branch