Lale Pilatin (Vice Chairperson)

She was born in Ankara on May 22, 1963.

She completed her elementary and high school education at TED Ankara Prep School and graduated from high school in 1981.

In 1985 she graduated from the Ankara University’s Italian Language and Literature Department of the Faculty of Philology and History-Geography.

In 1984 she studied in Perugia, Italy, at the Università Lingua Italiana Per Strnieri for a term.

In 1988 she started work at AVA News Agency in Ankara as a reporter and publishing coordinator.

Afterwards, she worked as manager in a private real estate investment firm in Istanbul until her retirement. 

She became a member ÇYDD in October, 1989.

Between “2005-2010” she worked as a freelance editor and publishing consultant. She is presently working at hotel and restaurant management which she started in 2010.

At ÇYDD she participated as a substitute and regular member on Executive Committees.  She worked on many aspects of the Association such as promotion, communication, scholarships, information processing, renovations and new constructions, hostels and YİBO (yatılı ilköğretim bölge okulu-regional primary education boarding schools).

Lale Platin speaks English and Italian.  She has a son.