Deniz Garip Yılmaz (Alternate Board Member)

He was born in Sarıkamış in 1986. He graduated from the Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Physics, and Anadolu University, Department of International Relations. He has been working for a company operating in the field of Renewable Energy for 12 years and still continues his duty as Project Development Director. He has been involved in the development of 1.6 GWp wind and solar power plants (economic size of approximately 2 Billion Euros) in Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Lebanon, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.

He met ÇYDD in 1994 when he was 8 years old in Bodrum. He took part in the establishment of the Bodrum youth unit in 2001 and acted as the founding facilitator. He took part in the establishment of the youth unit in İzmir, where he came for higher education in 2004, and acted as the founding facilitator.

In 2008, he worked as the General Facilitator of the Contemporary Youth Central Unit. He continued his duty as General Facilitator in 2009.

From 2015-2017, he served as a Substitute Board Member in charge of Youth at the Izmir Branch.
He was elected as an Alternate Member of the Headquarters Board of Directors between 2019 - 2021.

Projects and activities in the association:

- There is a Festival in the Village Project
- İzmir Embraces Young People Project
- Thinking Questioning Youth Project
- Model Turkish Republic Project
- Bodrum Contemporary Youth Theater Group
- Guidance Project
- School of Politics Project
- Starfish Project
- Summer Camps
- Conventions
- Çanakkale Meetings
- Mausoleum Meetings

He speaks advanced English, beginner German, Russian and Arabic. He is married to Aycan Yılmaz.