Berfin Kuruş (Alternate Board Member)

She was born on January 18, 1996, in Torbalı.

She is completed a master's program at Galatasaray University, Department of International Relations. She met the ÇYDD during her high school years. She worked as a treasurer, clerk, and assistant facilitator of the Torbalı Branch high school Youth Unit. She worked as a Youth Unit facilitator in 2017 and 2018 at the ÇYDD Manisa Branch, as the coordinator of the Manisa Yırca Project in 2018, and the There is a Festival in Manisa Yeniköy Village Projects in 2019.

2017 - 2018 period,  Starfish Project participant.

Since September 2019, she has been the kitchen team coordinator of the Headquarters Village There is a Festival Project. She took part in the Step by Step team in 2020.

Since February 2020, she has been the clerk of the Manisa Branch and a member of the board of directors responsible for youth.