Our Awards


2015 – “Best Civil Society Initiative Award “given by Eryetiş and  Balkanlar Educational Establishments  for our “There is a School out there” project

2015 –“Uğur Mumcu Award “given by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, Eskişehir – Tepebaşı Municipality, Eskişehir ADD and Contemporary Journalists Association  Eskişehir Branch.

2014 – “Gümüş Arı” -“Silver Bee Award” by İstanbul Technical University.

2014 –“National Education Award “given by Contemporary Education cooperative (ÇEK)

2014 –  “2013 Those Who Make a Difference  Award” by MEF  High schools

2013 – “Youth Human Rights Award” by Turkish Youth Federation .

2013 – “International Lions Melvin Jones Friendship Award” by Lions Clubs İstanbul 118 Y.

2013 – “Duygu Asena Award ” by PEN Writers’ Association.

2013 – “Girls go to Schools by Banvit Project” Jury Special award byTurkish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

2013 –  “Strategical Philanthropy Award” by Turkish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

2013 – “Second prize in Sourcing Category Award ” by European  Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

2013 – “Best Project of the Year Award” by International Professional Coaching Association (ICF) – Turkey,

2011 – “Golden Compass Award “ by Turkish Public Relations Association (TÜHİD) for  having the biggest number of projects .

2011 –“Best Civil Society Initiative Award “ by Doğuş University. 

2010 – “Contribution to Society Award” by World Communication Awards

2010 – “Civil Society Initiative Award” by Automotive Industry Automotive Gladiators

2010 – “Maximum number of Scholarships given by an Association Award” by İstanbul University.

2010 – “Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Honorary Award” by “Kabataş Alumni Association

2010 – “Exemplary Project for Equal Opportunities for Women Award” by United Nations Peking+15

2010 – “Golden Compass-Jury Special Prize “by Turkish Public Relations Association (TÜHİD)

2009 – “Best Civil Society Initiative  Award “ by Marmara University.

2009 –“Support to TAA Award” by “Turkish Aeronautical Association.

2009 –“8th Vehbi Koç Foundation Education  Award” by Vehbi Koç Foundation

2009 – “Social Responsibility Projects Success Award “ by Turkish Magazine Journalists Association.

2009 – “Atatürkist Enlightenment Award” by European  Atatürkist  Ideology associations Federation.

2008 – “The Social Responsibility Project of the Year Award” by Pertevniyal  High school.

2008 – “Magazine Journalists Association Special Award «  by Magazine Journalists Association .

2008 – « The Best Social Responsibility Project of the Year » by Capital Journal .

2008 – “Most Popular Social Responsibility Project  Award”  by Yıldız Technical University.

2008 – “Women Leaders Special Award” by Turkish Women Academicians Association. (TÜKD)

2008 – European Sponsorship Association (ESA) Awards

2008 –“Civil Society Leader of the Year Award” by  Economist

2008 –“Enlightenment  Honorary Award” by Yeni Kuşak Köy Enstitülüler Derneği (YKKED)

2007 – “6th Golden Compass-Best Project Award “by Turkish Public Relations Association (TÜHİD)

2007 – “Education Award” by Contemporary Education Cooperative(ÇEK).

2006 – « The Best Social Responsibility Project of the Year » by Capital Journal .

2006 – “Social Responsibility Project Award”  by Turkish Public Relations Association (TÜHİD)   

2006 – “Social Responsibility Project Award”  by Platin Journal

2006 – “Science Days Honorary Award” by İstanbul University.

2006 – “Best Social Responsibility Project Award”  by Galatasaray University.

2006 – “Most Popular Social Responsibility Project  Award”  by Yıldız Technical University.

2006 – “Best Social Responsibility Project Award”  by  Karadeniz Technical University.

2006 –– “Magazine Journalists Association Special Award «  by Magazine Journalists Association.

2005 – “Public Relation Campaign of the Year Award” by İstanbul University Communications School.

2005 – “”Most Successful Women Award” by Oriflame

2005 – “Social Peace Award” by Peace Radio.

2005 – “ Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Solidarity Award” by Social democracy foundation (SODEV)

2005 – “Most Creative Social Responsibility Project” by Doğan Publications  Holding,

2005 – “Best Campaign of the Year Award” by Anadolu BİL Vocational High School

2005 – “Social Fair Play Career First Prize” by Turkish National Olympic Commitee

2004 –"Social Works Honorable Mention” by CSR Awards - PR News

2004 – “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” by Active Academy

2004 – “Love of the Year award” by Dead Love Association.

2004 – “Outstanding  Service Award” by Yıldız Technical University.

2004 – “Best Educator of Turkey Award” by Tempo Journal.

2004 – “Education Award” by TED College

2004 –“Human Rights Award”  by İzmir Karşıyaka Municipality.

2003 – “Democracy Award” by Sertel  Journalism Foundation .

2003 –“Atatürk-Contemporary Award” by  Ankara International Atatürkist  Societies.

2003 –  “Best Public Relation Campaign  Award” by  Gazi University Communications School .

2003 –  “Social Responsibility Project Award”  by Platin Journal

2002 –“Crystal Obelisk Award’’ by Foundation of Women Executives in Public Relations,

1999 – “Uğur Mumcu – Muammer Aksoy Award” by ADD İstanbul Branch

1997 – “Turkish Revolutionaries Award” by Haliç Rotary Club.

1997 – “Atatürk Award’’ by Tuzla Rotary,

1996 – “ Atatürkist Thought  Service Award” by İncirli Lions Club.

1996 – “Atatürk Principals and Reforms Award” by İstanbul University.

1994 – “Laicism Award”  by Orhan Apaydın  Democracy and Peace Foundation





“Türkan Saylan Art and  Science Awards” are given every year at the anniversary of her death, to people  who create art and science  works which will carry her  vision to the future.

2011 – Art Award:  Novels for Children – Zeynep Cemali,

          “Jury Special Award: Necati Tosuner”


2012 – Art Award: Caricature - Asuman Küçükkantarcı  and Ergül Aktaş


2013 – Art Award: Story-Hande Baba


2014 – Art Award: Poems for children – Çiğdem Sezer



“Çağdaş Yaşam Republic award” is given every year to individuals who contribute to Turkey and Turkish people with their scientific and cultural activities which enhance the values of the republic, defend human rights and have an honorable stand in matters of laicism and contemporary values.

2019 - Müjdat Gezen

2018 – Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı

2017 – Prof. Dr. Ümit Kocasakal

2016 – Prof. Dr. Doğan Kuban

2015 – Prof. Dr. Nermin Abadan Unat

2014 – Prof. Dr. Fatih Hilmioğlu

2013 – Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen

2012 – Gülriz Sururi  and  Genco Erkal

2011 – Prof. Dr. Yıldız Kenter

2010 – Dr. Rıza Türmen

2009 – Sabih Kanadoğlu

2008 – Fazıl Say

2007 – Muazzez İlmiye Çığ