Crimes Against the City

Crimes Against the City The title of this year’s competition is “…COMES WITH THE CROWD”

Profiteering politics with their lawless and unplanned development policies that defend blind faith instead of science and personal gains instead of public interest have made life in the city unlivable for all of us.

Authorities should realize that taking haphazard decisions has nothing to do with democracy and should abandon all policies that lead to lawless urbanization. They should take measures to turn our cities into peaceful, uncrowded and civilized habitats.

Development policies in our country unfortunately do not aim the development of the society but focus on more potential votes and profits.

Our cities,

built against all urban sciences,


without trees, parks and greenery

have become concrete jungles

where people can no longer  live.

Due to unending conflicts and wars in our neighboring countries, immigrants that had taken refuge in our country temporarily, have now moved to our already crowded cities begging in the streets and disturbing the safety and peace of our streets. City-dwellers have become intolerant and bad- tempered people and no longer act as fellow townsmen.

 Congestions at the underground and bus stops,

Flood of people on the streets,

Queues in front of hospitals, municipalities and other public buildings,

Increasing number of women and children beggars, homeless people,

Classrooms with 70-80 students and overflowing city cemeteries,

 We have thus chosen our title of our photography competition this year as “…COMES WITH THE CROWD” to draw attention to the above and create awareness about the problem.

The competition this year too is in honor of environmentalist, journalist , Architect  OKTAY EKİNCİ who has named the project “Crimes against the city”.

We, as ÇYDD and Fotopya , await your participation to the competition organized on-line.

 DEADLINE is April 22,2016 For more


1st prize: Olympus  OMD EM5

2nd prize: Olympus OMD EM10

3rd prize : Olympus PEN EPL5 M

Jury Special prize: 2 books to 1 person

Honorable Mention prize: 2 books to 6 people


Competiton Calender :

Last Participation Date: 22.04.2016

(Photographs sent after 24:00"will not be admitted)

Jury evaluation Date: 2-4.05.2016

Announcement of Competition Results: 20.05.2016 (Fotopya, ÇYDD)

Awards Ceremony and Exhibition details:  The date and place will be announced through Fotopya Art Portal along with the competition results



The winners and the winning photographs will be announced on websites of Fotopya-Mag, Yaratıcı Rönesans, facebook and twitter.

Photograph submission and dimensions:

There is no restriction on the number of photographs that can be sent to the “Crimes against the City“ competition.  One photograph can be uploaded to the   website every day until the last admission date.

 •            Photographs to be sent should not be less than 2000 pixels on the short side ; file should not be less than 2 MB and should not exceed 10MBs.

 The photographer agrees to send the minimum 6MP original file, latest in 4 days to should his/her photograph receive an award. (in 2000x3000 pixel   or  taken with a 6MP camera)

 Photographs should be prepared as they should appear in the exhibition. Photographs can be cut.

 Exhibited photographs will bear the photographer’s name. If the original files do not arrive in 4 days, the award will be transferred to another contestant.

If the photographer is younger than 18 years old, she/he should send a scan of the school id to

General conditions :

Usage of the award winning photographs by Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği and Fotopya :

•             All award winning photographs along with the names of the photographers can be used by ÇYDD and Fotopya for the publicity of “…Comes with the Crowd” Project. •    Photographs taken with the photographers during the Awards Ceremony and Exhibition can be used by ÇYDD and Fotopya for the publicity of “Crimes against the City” Photography competition.

•             The award winning photographs will be exhibited after the competition in Fotopya Photography Art Portal and in locations specified by Ç.Y.D.D.


•             Two options will be given to the photographer for the use of the photographs at the time of submission:

a ) If the photographers accept by marking the affirmative ,all the income incurred from the sales of the photographs during the exhibition will be donated to  Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği. These photographs may also be used along with the photographer’s name on promotional material such as postcards, notebooks, mugs, calendars, bookmarks, etc. Therefore all participants who send photographs and win an award accept that they will not claim any revenue and agree that all income will be used in Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği support funds. All photographs may be used in announcements about the competition.

B) If photographers do not accept by marking the negative, their photographs will not be sold by any means. These photographs will only be exhibited and will be given their awards.

•             Anyone can participate in the competition except the jury members, Ç.Y.D.D. Headquarters, Ç.Y.D.D.Board members and associate members , Ç.Y.D.D employees and Fotopya employees and first degree relatives (writers who share texts and photographs without payment are not accepted as Fotopya employees and they can join the competition.)

•             During the competition name of the photographers or any sign showing their identity should not be seen on the photographs or their frames. Such photographs will be disqualified and will not be shown to the jury.

•             Participants who do not receive their awards within three months will lose their rights.

•             Photographs loaded during the participation period will be checked by Fotopya editors at specific intervals and photographs not complying with the terms will be disqualified .Fotopya is not obliged to make a statement in such cases.

•             If there are any complaints about an award winning photograph, to enable Fotopya editors to investigate, the owner of the photograph should carry out all requests of the Fotopya editors (such as raw or uncropped photos or Exchangeable image file format (Exif)). Complaints will not be considered after the award ceremony.

•             Participants guarantee that the photographs sent belong to them and that all necessary permissions are taken. If it is understood that an award winning participant did not act accordingly, his/her award, title and any other gain is taken back.

•             If a participant falsely declares an photograph as his and tries to mislead the jury, that participant will be banned from all competitions according to Federation of Turkish Photography Art (TFSF) rules.

•             Photographs previously winning other awards can be sent to this competition. There is no restriction from this aspect. However if there was a similar restriction at the competition when the award was received, then they cannot send this photograph during this period of restriction.

•             Participants can send photographs that have previously been awarded.

•             These terms are accepted by all participants sending photographs to the competiton.

We wish success to all participants as  ÇYDD  and Fotopya family .