universities-are-places-of-knowledge Millions of students dream about developing themselves at an autonomous and free university one day.

The founder of our republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk wanted the new generations to grow up with freedom of thought, conscience and understanding. He worked all his life to realize this ideal of his.  In the 21st century, universities are the places where science and technology are developed with research and the benefit of new information to society is held high.
Millions of students dream about developing themselves at an autonomous and free university one day. They wish to obtain a career and at the same time to study science, the universal values and the society they live in.  Besides acquiring knowledge from their professors, they look up to the academics as their role models and try to observe, understand and emulate them.
It is in universities that ideas and knowledge come together and universal values are mastered.  University campuses form a unified whole with their students, their faculty, the administration, the architecture of the buildings and the environment.  Everyone under the roof of an institution must be able to work and be administered with a contemporary, free and secular mindset. Science and universal values must be the foundation of knowledge. No one should be appointed administrator without sufficient merit, but solely on the basis of their political leanings. If there is no reconciliation as a society and an understanding of management befitting the democratic Republic of Turkey, how can the students and the faculty carry on their work with free thought and conscience.
Free thought must reign in a reputable university.  To protect and build upon our esteem among the world universities, a university president must have an equal stance with everyone, must have a scholarly reputation in his field of study, must be familiar with the culture of the university to be administered, must be productive in bringing forth projects which will better the university and must be appointed not because of their political views but because of their qualifications.
Just as our great leader Atatürk said, “The true pathfinder in life is knowledge.”
We declare to the public.