Our Mentors and Mentees Got Together!

our-mentors-and-mentees-got-together ÇYDD completed the first of its series of “Mentoring Guidance and Seminars”.

With the first of the “Mentoring Guidance and Seminars” held on January 12, our mentors, mentees and branch coordinators got together.

The event garnered a lot of interest.  Banu Uzkut Onuk, the volunteer education advisor for the Mentoring Project, was the moderator of the event.  An assessment of The Mentoring Project was made and the ÇYDD headquarters executive committee member Tijen Mergen gave a presentation titled The Art of Being Happy in Difficult Times.

The ÇYDD Mentoring Project provides our mentees with job opportunities and the knowledge, experience and resources they may feel the need for in their personal lives.  Thorough the project they get to know themselves better and they gain self-confidence.

The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (ÇYDD) will continue to hold events that give all the participants the opportunity to share their experiences and strengthen their mentee-mentor relationships.  We invite you to volunteer for our projects.