March 14 National Doctors Day

march-14-national-doctors-day This year celebrating March 14, the National Doctors Day in Turkey, has been a sombre affair.

Doctors choose their profession to heal and help people. They successfully complete
years of difficult study, they dedicate themselves to saving other’s lives and they
continue to give health to the unwell even when their own lives are in danger. We are all
grateful to our healthcare workers who worked selflessly and carried a heavy burden on
their shoulders in 2020 which was a difficult year for everyone.
There have been many healthcare workers who became ill themselves, who were
assaulted by some patients’ family members or lost their lives.
We remember each of these people with respect and gratitude. May those who died
receive God’s grace.
The protection of human health is always a priority for ÇYDD. The right to health is a
basic human right and it begins at birth for everyone. This means that the right to health
is a necessary basic right for all doctors and healthcare workers also. As doctors and
healthcare workers protect the right to health of all citizens, they themselves must be
protected too. They must be able to work in a contemporary environment that provides
them healthy working conditions and protects their right to personal health.
Our association has supported 3, 980 medical students until today. Our founding
President Prof. Dr. Aysel Ekşi and Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan who worked on education
projects for 19 years which took our association to all corners of our country, set
examples as doctors themselves. They supported and educated thousands of medical
students who are serving our country in turn.
On this March 14, National Doctors Day, the Association for Supporting Contemporary
Life continues to work for a contemporary Turkey and stands by the healthcare workers
who, in spite of dangers to their own lives, continue to serve with devotion.
Thank you to all.
Prof. Dr. Ayşe Yüksel
ÇYDD President
Public Health Expert