a-leader-in-society-turkan-saylan At certain times, the dynamics, developments and changes in a society bring forth important people.

In the last quarter of the 20th century, when there was a stepping away from the principles and reforms of Atatürk and when there was a societal crisis in Turkey, the intellectual, patriot and physician Prof. Dr. Türkân Saylan and ÇYDD began to make an historical impact.

Türkân Saylan became the President of the ÇYDD and she created an aspiration in the society to be enlightened and contemporary. The Saylan ideals all the youth and graduates were brought up on form a school of thought today. Many graduates of the association are now directors who carry ÇYDD to the future of Türkân Hoca’s ideals.

What are the foremost characteristics of Türkân Saylan’s ideals and philosophy?

  • Türkân Saylan was a responsible citizen.  She titled her book Cumhuriyet’in Bireyi Olmak-Being a Citizen of the Republic and in it she explains her conviction of being a responsible citizen. “One can’t be a patriotic citizen solely by words and sentiments.  There is need for action; we all owe to work responsibly and carry our county forward to a better future. Every individual can contribute with their expertise and within their means to bring about great contributions.  To live is to work.”


  • Türkân Saylan believed in social equality. She believed that each individual’s first and most important work is to receive a quality and scientific education in line with their abilities and skills that will carry them to the future. Without achieving equality in education it is not possible to have peace and justice in society.


  • Türkân Saylan was on the side of solution.  In the face of problems and barriers one mustn’t just talk and not act but one must pick up somewhere and work on it tirelessly.  The positive results will start appearing.  Understanding Saylan requires being part of the solution.  No labor is wasted if the envisioned goal is attained.


  • Türkân Saylan was a peaceful organizer. She was always calm in her communication. She made individuals feel important, she didn’t judge, she always looked for a common solution and she never cast out people.


  • Türkân Saylan believed in democracy and the rule of law unfalteringly.  She knew the facts of her country and those of the world. She searched for lawful and safe solutions.  Where there isn’t public order there is randomness and disorderliness at work. This brings on bigger inequality and injustices. Public management must be lawful, transparent and democratic.


Türkân Saylan ideals are taught at the school of ÇYDD and we will continue to be pupils of this school.

Türkân Saylan is one of those people who become a legend while they are still living.  Just like a folk song that would be sung till eternity in Anatolia she became immortal with her departure.

Türkân Saylan will always live.