An Announcement about Our SMS Campaigns

an-announcement-about-our-sms-campaigns Dear Contemporary Life (Çağdaş Yaşam) Friends,

Being an association that has won a ‘Transparency Award’, we feel the need to clarify  a misguided text being circulated among WhatsApp and other social media groups, albeit with good intentions to call for support to our cause and campaigns. The expressions that the “ÇYDD donation revenues have been cut off and that we are in a dire situation, etc.” are baseless. Even during the pandemic, our association has increased its revenue thanks to your support and donations, and we have been continuing our work with no interruption. 

With your trust and contributions we will provide scholarships for more of our children and youth. 

We thank all our supporters for their involvement in our campaign.

You can write EĞİTİM (education) and send an SMS to 4622 to contribute 10 TL to our scholarship projects.

You can write TEKNOLOJİ (technology) and send an SMS to 4245 to contribute 10 TL to our ‘PC Support for Our Students’ project.

*You can reach our 4622 SMS campaign via Turkcell and Vodafone operators.  You can reach our 4245 SMS campaign via all operators. 


The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life